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Younger and wrinkleless face in 10 days

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The passage of time can be harsh for facial beauty. However, rejuvenation without surgery is possible, with a natural treatment that will require only a few minutes a day. Would you like to look younger? Want to know how to remove wrinkles? Well then, accept this 10day challenge, for a splendid face Read more......

Homemade recipe for skin cleansing


The home skin cleanse provides, without leaving your home, the care your skin needs for its beauty and freshness. Any homemade facial recipe can be applied before and after makeup, as long as you don't forget this fundamental part. Learn how to make a homemade facial in just a few minutes. Read more......

Hair removal with sugar


The natural Egyptian method of hair removal is the best alternative for sensitive skin. It consists of removing hair with sugar, using an easy formula and procedure. It not only eliminates hair, but leaves skin feeling smooth. Learn how to make it, so that hair removal ceases to be an issue! Read more......