Younger and wrinkleless face in 10 days

Treatment for rejuvenating your face without surgery

The passage of time can be harsh for facial beauty. However, rejuvenation without surgery is possible, with a natural treatment that will require only a few minutes a day. Would you like to look younger? Want to know how to remove wrinkles? Well then, accept this 10day challenge, for a splendid face

The excuse of not having time is over as well as saying it takes a century to see results. Rejuvenating quickly and without much effort is possible. How Come? It's actually very easy, you just have to organize yourself and dedicate a few minutes a day. In 10 days you will notice the results and I can assure you it will be remarkable.

The natural treatment for facial rejuvenation is a comprehensive method , which consist in properly combining several factors that affect the health and beauty of your skin. You know them well, so you shouldn't be surprised with this treatment to rejuvenate the face without surgery. What is really surprising is how little time, low cost and minimal effort it requires.

Begin the day with an adequate lfacial cleansing. It is not about resorting to complicated cosmetic formulas, but simply using a mild soap and some water. While you wash your face the way you usually do each morning, perform the wrinkle free facial massages. You will be doing two things at the same time to rejuvenate your face without using a single additional minute of your time.

Breakfast is your second chance of the day to pamper the skin of your face. Be sure to include a fruit juice. Then have breakfast as usual. You know that you can replace the cookies with toasted bread, butter with cheese and sugar with honey, with benefits for your health that will be reflected in the beauty of the skin of your face.
While you shower, it’s the ideal moment fora session of facial exercises. Alternate which you consider most necessary for wrinkles on your face in particular. No matter how long or how many repetitions you do, remember that it all adds up. Your facial rejuvenation is underway.

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On your way to work, think about your intake of the day and try to include two servings of fruit, a cereal and yogurt in midmorning. Promise yourself to not get tempted with fried foods, junk foods, spicy ones or sausages. Limit consumption of cigarettes if you smoke and alcohol, no more than one drink at each meal. Drink at least two liters of water per day and don't sleep less than 8 hours.
On your way home wash your face, lay down on a comfortable couch and perform the daily session of facial yoga. While you prepare dinner, leave your favorite an anti wrinkle mask ready, made with natural products that are found in your refrigerator along with the other foods and apply it after dinner and before bedtime. For example, what do you think of the aloe vera, cucumber and olive oil mask that you can see in this video?

If all this is not enough, you can resort to the use of hyperthermia contact to help you reduce the depth of wrinkles and reposition your facial muscles without surgery, slowing the causes of skin aging.

Furthermore, the current cosmetics industry offers very good products and beauty supplements. These include hyaluronic acid serum, a product with incredible moisturizing properties, ideal to erase marks, wrinkles and expression lines.

What would you do to look younger and without wrinkles?

Survey's graphic: What would you do to look younger and without wrinkles?

Wash your face with water and soap


Do anti wrinkle facial massages


Practice anti wrinkle facial exercises


Eat to portions of fruit per day


Have one yogurt per day


Have one portion of cereal per day


Do a session of facial yoga


Apply a natural anti wrinkle mask


Drink two liters of water per day


Eat eight hours minimum


Discard junk food


Quit smoking


Limit the consumption of alcohol


What other anti wrinkle trick do you know?

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