Here you will find all types of do it yourself crafts. Learn how to knit, do patchwork, and even embroidery.

Knit sweater

Jersey tejido a dos agujas

You can learn to knit this nice sweater with the instructions of Eva María Torres from DeLabores. It is a bicolor ribbed sweater design, for size 40/42 and 44/46, which you can make by knitting with two needles, using the basic stitches explained step by step. Read more......

How to knit a cardigan

Cómo hacer una chaqueta de punto

Learning how to make a knit cardigan, just requieres some wool, needles, and.. getting down to work! The step by step instructions of Eva María Torres from Delabores, allow these short womens cardigans knit with two needles, to be a product made with your own hands. Read more......

How to knit wool baby socks

Cómo tejer calcetines de lana para bebé

If you would like to learn how to knit wool socks for your baby, just follow this tutorial, explained by Eva María Torres from Delabores, step by step. With these detailed instructions and images, you'll find that making knit socks with two needles for your baby is a piece of cake! Read more......

Jacket patterns for babies

Patrones de chaqueta para bebés

This beautiful knit baby jacket may be the product of your hands, if you follow Eva Maria Torres of DeLabores instructions step by step. On this opportunity, she will also share the patterns, which will guide you in how to knit a baby jacket. Read more......

Patterns for knitting baby clothes

Patrones para tejer ropa de bebés

Knitting baby clothes with the two needle method can be a very rewarding craft, in which you test your wits and creativity. Such is the case of this cute cloud jacket that you can make, if you follow the instructions that Eva María Torres de DeLabores puts at your disposal. Read more......