Properties of seeds

Benefits of seeds and health and beauty

Seeds are sometimes not as valued as they should be within a diet. Some of the cereals that can be consumed in that format provide numerous properties and benefits to the body. Therefore, including them in your diet is a good idea. Learn more here!

Many people underestimate the properties of the seeds in general and the great ability of these, to provide health benefits.

For this reason, adding them to your diet can be a good measure to improve your quality of life. Here we discuss some of the interesting contributions that can be of meaning to you.

Most common types of seeds and their most important properties and benefits:

  • poppy: seeds have historically been used as an aphrodisiac. Moreover, employed in consistent amounts, poppy seeds can become a good sedative.
  • Sorghum and millet: both sorghum and millet offer an interesting contribution of carbohydrates, plus vitamins B and E, phosphorus, calcium, fiber and protein. Very valuable, although not so popular.
  • Sesame : sesame seeds provide a great source of calcium, iron and fatty acids. They are highly recommended for the central nervous system, and to help concentration and memory.
  • Sunflower: among the main properties of the sunflower you'll find the possession of high quality fatty acids, which help reduce the risk of circulation problems, stroke and other diseases related with the cardiovascular system.
  • Flax and linseed : they're required for their great contribution of fibers, in addition to diuretic and laxative properties. Linseed and flax are frequently used to lose weight.
  • Fenugreek : this seed is used to stimulate lactation, muscle development and appetite. Also it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Semillas de girasol

  • birdseed : in the form of milk, its seeds are consumed for controlling cholesterol levels and blood glucose, in addition to cleansing the body and contributing to weight loss.
  • Chia: sources of fiber and omega 3 fatty acids, good for lowering cholesterol, weight control and much more.
  • Quinoa: It is a pseudocereal, rich in nutrients, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that make it a luxury food, to fight against all kinds of degenerative diseases
  • Cashews : They are required to cleanse the body, lose weight and control blood fat and blood uric acid.

Cómo consumirlas:

Seeds according to the case, can be consumed in different ways. Mixed with other breakfast cereal with milk or yogurt, eaten alone, in salads, incorporated into breads, fried, in several preparations ... The options are many.

In the following video, you'll find a selection of 5 small seeds with great properties for your health.Discover them!

What seeds do you need?

Survey's graphic: What seeds do you need?

Flax seeds




Chia seeds


Sunflower seeds


Quinoa seeds


Sesame seeds






Did you find the ones you searched for? Which do you need?

IMPORTANT: "Properties of seeds" 's mission is to keep you informed, but dont ever substitute a medical consultation.

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