Green Tea

Becoming very popular in the last decade, green tea has much to offer. Discover its benefits, recipes, and contraindications as well.

Green tea to lose weight

Té verde para adelgazar

Green tea, in addition to its excellent properties, has become very popular around the world because it is believed to have slimming capabilities. This is how it has been gaining followers, that want to lose pounds with a healthy drink. Read more......

Green Tea: benefits

Té verde: beneficios

Green tea is one of the beverages that provides the most benefits for humans. Among some of its properties -many of them cientifically proven- you'll find that it's an antioxidant, great for losing weight, and even good for teeth. Learn more about this great tea. Read more......

Green Tea Capsules

Cápsulas de té verde

Some people do not enjoy green tea as tea, whatever the reason. But, anyway, there are other ways to consume it. One of them is turning to green tea capsules. The tablets provide benefits, but in another format. Read more......

Match, a powdered green tea


Interestingly, Matcha green tea comes in powder form. It's use is very common in Japan for different preparations, including meals. Its secret begins during planting and it's made from the Tencha tea, later convirting it into its final presentation. A peculiar green tea very popular in Asia. Read more......