Green tea to lose weight

Lose weight with green tea

Green tea, in addition to its excellent properties, has become very popular around the world because it is believed to have slimming capabilities. This is how it has been gaining followers, that want to lose pounds with a healthy drink.

Green tea has become very popular in the world due to its great antioxidant capabilities, among others. But it is also true that many are inclined to it because it would be a good option for weight loss.

While there is no research that can fully say this bluntly, it is estimated that Green tea to lose weight Works in an effective way. In fact, studies have found that people who drink it several times a day, had a significant increase in their energy expenditure rate, without speeding up the heart rate.

One of them, conducted at the University Hospital in Tainan, Taiwan, found that green tea is a good thermogenesis agent , since in those who had been drinking green tea for a long period of time, had detected a decrease in fat percentage of 19.6 percent and a 2.1 percent reduction of localized fat in waist.

There are also many people who performed the famous green tea diet. Basically it consists of making a low calorie diet, to which three cups of the drink are incorporated per day, consuming one after every meal (but always waiting at least half an hour to prevent poor absorption of iron from food). So, the benefits of Green tea for weight loss are added to the effects of the diet.

However, this is not the only way to drink green tea to lose weight
. In the following video, you'll find different alternatives to lose weight by taking green tea:

Indeed, in the absence of green tea leaves to prepare an infusion, you can benefit with its slimming properties through delicious smoothies made with powdered green tea.

On the other hand, the green tea extract capsules are a practical option for those who lack the time and devotion necessary, required in the pleasure of a good tea.

Unfortunately, for those who suffer from hypertension, are carrying out a pregnancy, have heart problems or are children, it's not advisable to use it due to contraindications.

How would you drink green tea to lose weight?

Survey's graphic: How would you drink green tea to lose weight?

In infusions


In smoothies


In capsules


How many pounds do you expect to lose and in how much time?

IMPORTANT: "Green tea to lose weight" 's mission is to keep you informed, but dont ever substitute a medical consultation.

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