Healthy Eating

Being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet is much easier than you think! Here you will discover how delicious and enjoyable healthy eating can be.

Foods to remove acne

Alimentos para eliminar el acné

Acne affects millions of young people. These try everything to look good; creams, masks, lotions, etc. A very important pillar is foods to eliminate acne, because through them reducing the oiliness of the skin can be achieved. Therefore, a diet is important to fight this skin disease. Read more......

Diet menu for stomach inflammation

Menú de dieta para inflamación del estómago

Gastritis or stomach inflammation is a disease that is characterized by specific symptoms like heartburn or stomach pain, among others. It's not only annoying and painful, but must also be treated through a diet that includes a distribution or allowed food to avoid complications like ulcers. Read more......

Stevia and its properties


Stevia is a plant native to America, which is used to sweeten preparations of all kinds, as it is a natural sweetener with no calories. But it also has properties that go beyond this. What if you learn about them by reading this article? Read more......

Diet for hemorrhoids

Dieta para las hemorroides

Hemorrhoids are a very common condition, which has a physiological origin, but which also influences food, causing painful inflammation. For this reason, a diet that incorporates appropriate foods is very important for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Read more......