Aries with Leo

Love compatibility between Aries and Leo

The existing sexual compatibility between Aries and Leo can vary greatly. Everything depends on how it's conducted and the interaction of these two signs, characterized by impetuous character and capacity for action. A small detail can change the relationship significantly.

If you are Aries and want to know how much compatibility you can get to have with a person from Leo, in this article you'll find the answer.

One of the key features of the Arians, is that they have great strength to keep on the move, this is because Aries is a fire sign. People whose signs are ruled by the fire element, possess an inner energy that keeps them in a constant search. They are born entrepreneurs and fight to meet their objectives at any cost.

The combination Aries - Leo, is a very powerful combination. Both signs ruled by the fire element, have a tendency to be enhanced as a whole. They have a high level of compatibility and a relationship between these signs can be very positive and lasting in time.


Fire represents abundant energy. The fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are motivators, creators and creative. Full of vitality, fire can directly affect the people around them, as they have much confidence in themselves. In many cases, this excess energy can lead them to be swayed by impulse and intuition. They are very sociable people yet it is normal for them to think, and have the ability to do work completely alone.

If you are interested in knowing more such compatibility Aries - Leo, then I will share some extra features of both signs, which can help you understand the relationship more completely.


  • PLANET: Mars
  • ELEMENT: Fire
  • ANIMAL: Ram
  • QUALITY: Cardinal
  • NATURE: Male
  • SEASON: Spring
  • COLOR: Red and Scarlet
  • METAL: Iron
  • STONES: Amethyst, Diamanete, Ruby
  • FLORES: Carnation Poppy, Tulip
  • Opposite and complementary sign: Libra


  • PLANET: Sun
  • ELEMENT: Fire
  • ANIMAL: Lion
  • QUALITY: Fixed
  • NATURE: Male
  • Season: Summer
  • COLOR: Orange and Gold
  • METAL: Gold
  • STONES: Ruby and Diamond
  • FLOWERS: Sunflower, Mimosa
  • Opposite and complementary sign: Aquarius

Love compatibility

The passion that unites Aries and Leo, can be very positive with the passage of time and understanding. Aries and Leo have in common vanity, vitality, enthusiasm, capacity for action and also that impetuous thing that characterizes both. There are minor details and certainly if you are Aries, you'll be able to keep your relationship with Leo without possibility of boredom.

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Do you know of any Aries- Leo relationship? Does it work?

Survey's graphic: Do you know of any Aries- Leo relationship? Does it work?

Very well. Both signs complement eachother.


Fine. It's just like the description.


Not well nor bad. There's no relationship.


Bad. It's a conflictive relationship.


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