Cancer with Scorpio

The love compatibility between Cancer and Scorpio can end in an excellent relationship for both parts. The attraction appears likely from the first moment, and therefore they can have a magnificent relationship as long as they know how to complete each other.

If your sign is Cancer or Scorpio and want to know the amount and how the compatibility is between the two signs, this article will provide information about both signs in particular and the combination itself.


Symbolized with a crab in the zodiac, you can say that this sign faithfully represents its symbol. Hard on the outside and soft inside. The main features of your sign are the emotion and sentimentality with which cancer looks at life. If you are a Cancer or possess many planets in this sign you will definitely recognize yourself as a person with a natural sense of protection. Cancer loves family life and works to provide protection and security for their loved ones. On a practical or professional level, cancer may be closely linked to their emotional stability, and in this condition the development of their projects. The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon and its element Water.

Other characteristics of Cancer

  • SEASON: Summer
  • COLOR: Black, white, bright gray
  • METAL: Silver
  • STONES: opal, emerald, jade and pearl
  • FLOWERS: Jasmine, Lily and Gardenia
  • Opposite and complementary sign: Capricorn


If you're a Scorpio or possess high energy of this sign in your natal chart, you should know that this sign is known as the "phoenix" of the zodiac. This is because Scorpio's possess the virtue of being able to regenerate again and again. They are smart, but very sensitive, which is why they may seem very tough at first as a defense mechanism. A Scorpio is attracted to everything related to spirituality, esotericism and mysticism. They have a great power of attraction that in many cases comes unconsciously. The ruling planet of this sign is Pluto and the element is water.

Other characteristics of Scorpio

  • SEASON: Fall
  • COLOR: Green, black and red
  • METAL: Iron and platinum
  • STONES: opal, ruby, topaz, carnelian
  • FLOWERS: Orchid, Gardenia and Dalia
  • Opposite and complementary sign: Taurus


This combination is very likely to get along from the beginning, as a couple or if starting a project. Both are signs are of water so they relate to the world in the same way and with the same vision. However, they must be careful not to smother each other in the relationship so as not to suffer disappointment later.

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Do you think Cancer and Scorpio could make a good couple?

Survey's graphic: Do you think Cancer and Scorpio could make a good couple?

Yes. They are very much alike and complete each other.


Maybe. If there's a lot of love between them.


No. They're too much alike and will end up boring each other


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