Capricorn with Libra

Libra and Capricorn. Are they compatible? How is their working relationship? Can they be good couple in love? In this article you will find the answers to all your questions.

To find out if there is compatibility between two people, is essential to know the natal charts of both. In it much energy, ways of seeing the world and ways of being are defined, which form a unique personality in every being.

Here I’ll share the main characteristics of Libra and of Capricorn so you know how they develop in different spheres of life and if they have similarities that can lead them to reconcile a relationship.

Compatibility Libra - Capricorn

Do you want to know if these signs can form a loving couple? Yes, it's possible. Each of these signs has characteristics that attract the attention of the other. On the side of Libra, kindness and balance are qualities that Capricorn loves. Capricorns are characterized by being highly structured and serious, which is why the balance of Libra attracts them, giving them security.
If you are part of Libra- Capricorn relationship you should pay special attention to the emotional level. Libra is transparent. They cannot hide their feelings. Instead Capricorns are rigid and serious on the outside. Not that they don't have feelings, but this is because they need complete confidence to express what they feel. They may be different signs, but knowing the energies and impulses that move each of them, it will be easier to understand the relationship.

Work wise, there may be some friction. Libra is often the natural leader of the group because of his sense of justice and fairness. Capricorn however, occupies management positions because of their extreme sense of responsibility and compliance. Working together can generate discussions on methods to follow and how to proceed. If both potentials are added, this relationship can produce effective results.

The elements

  • The element that governs Capricorn is Earth. Earth signs are very rational and need to see to believe. They don’t get carried away by fantasy. They are based on reality and perceptible things.
  • The element that rules Libra is Air. Air signs are independent and need freedom of movement and thought. They use their intelligence in practical ways.

Los planetas

  • The planet that rules Capricorn is Saturn. Saturn is the planet of bounds. It gives the sense of place, comparison and classification. People with much Saturn in their Natal Chart are orderly, detailed and realistic.
  • The planet that rules Libra is Venus. Those who have much influence of Venus in their natal chart, are distinguished by being social beings. They like friendship and everything they undertake they do with a collective character.

    Other characteristics of Capricorn

    • SEASON: Winter
    • COLOR: Brown, black, blue and dark brown
    • METAL: Lead
    • STONES: Amethyst, Turquoise, Jet
    • FLOWERS: Gardenia, Daisy and Violet
    • Opposite and complementary sign: Cancer

    Other characteristics of Libra

    • SEASON: Fall
    • COLOR: Blue, pink and light green
    • METAL: Copper
    • STONES: Sapphire, Diamond and Jade
    • FLOWERS: daffodil, rose and lily
    • Opposite and complementary sign: Aries

    Do you think Libra and Capricorn make a good couple?

    Survey's graphic: Do you think Libra and Capricorn make a good couple?

    Yes. They attract each other and are very compatible.


    Maybe. With a lot of effort and tolerance.


    No. They are too opposite and are similar in nothing.


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