Leo and Scorpio

Unfortunately, love compatibility is not on the side of Leo and Scorpio. On the contrary, they are arguably one of the least compatible signs of the zodiac. They have so many things against them that they could hardly get to establish a long term relationship.

If you are of Leo or Scorpio and want to know the amount and details of the compatibility between two people of these signs, this article will give you information on the main characteristics of each sign and the compatibility between them.


The following are the main features of Leo, of which you can feel identified if you are from this sign or possess a lot of energy from Leo in your natal chart. The natives under the Leo sign are typically very charismatic. They are people with original and personal charm. They need the approval of others to feel safe .

They are very lively people and often go after coordinator positions, leaders or managers in a natural way. In some cases, the need to be the center of attention can work against them, as perceived by others. They are very faithful and loyal, as well as committed to the causes they care about. They are creative and often engaged in art (music, painting, etc).Their ruling star is the Sun and its element fire.

Other characteristics of Leo

  • SEASON: Summer
  • COLOR: Orange and gold
  • METAL: Gold
  • STONES: Ruby and Diamond
  • Opposite and complementary sign: Aquarius
  • FLOWERS: Sunflower, Mimosa


If you're a Scorpio or possess many planets in this sign in your natal chart, here I will detail the main features of your sign. Scorpio is known as the Phoenix of the Zodiac. They have the innate virtue of constantly regenerating themselves .

The natives of this sign live everything that happens to them intensively. They deliver themselves with passion to all of their projects. This sign has magnetism. They have great power of seduction constantly attracting, and often unconsciously. Governed by the water element, they’re a flood of emotions that requires great energy to be contained.

This sign is ruled by the power of two planets: Pluto and Mars.

Other characteristics of Scorpio

  • SEASON: Fall
  • COLOR: Green, black and red
  • METAL: Iron and platinum
  • STONES: opal, ruby, topaz, carnelian
  • FLOWERS: Orchid, Gardenia and Dalia
  • Opposite and complementary sign: Taurus


This combination can be sizzling, both are powerful signs and when put together they are enhanced. Their relationship can be very passionate and even conflicting. If the limits are respected, it can be a very productive couple and achieve stability and harmony.

Do you think that Leo and Scorpio make a good couple?

Survey's graphic: Do you think that Leo and Scorpio make a good couple?

Yes, they are both very much alike and complement each other


Maybe, if there is a lot of love and boundaries respected


No, they are very different and don't complement each other


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