Leo with Capricorn

The love compatibility between zodiac signs Leo and Capricorn can work in some instances but not in others. Much depends on how the relationship between the couple progresses. While some circumstances might be extremely favorable for both, at other times the union may break.

If you are a Leo or Capricorn and want to know the amount and how compatibility between two people of these signs is, this article will give you information on the main characteristics of each sign and the relationship between them.
Characteristics of Leo

If you’re a Leo or have many planets in this sign (therefore high energy of this sign), the following are the main features of your sign. The main virtues of Leo are creativity and imagination. Leos tend to engage in various forms of art such as music, painting and theater. They love being the center of attention. One of the features of your sign, is kindness and humility with which they govern life. Leo is very understanding and does things meaningfully, completely surrendering to the causes they care about. The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun. The element that governs Leo is fire which provides impulsivity and creative energy. Fire signs are characterized by injecting vitality in projects they decide to undertake.

Other characteristics of Leo

  • SEASON: Spring
  • COLOR: Red and Scarlet
  • METAL: Iron
  • STONES: Amethyst, Diamanete, Ruby
  • FLOWERS: Clavel, Poppy, Tulip
  • Opposite and complementary sign: Libra

Characteristics of Capricorn

Capricorns or those with lots of Capricorn energy in their Natal Chart, are distinguished by having a great sense of responsibility. For Capricorn, everything requires logical and rational explanations. They are very willing and when an objective arises they do everything they have at their disposal to achieve it. They plan well for the future and have a great intellect. They are usually very ambitious people who need to be up front as leaders in group projects. Sometimes self demand can play against them. The planet that rules this sign is Saturn and its element is Earth.

Other characteristics of Capricorn

  • SEASON: Winter
  • COLOR: Brown, black, blue and dark brown
  • METAL: Lead
  • STONES: Amethyst, Turquoise, Jet
  • FLOWERS: Gardenia, Daisy and Violet
  • Opposite and complementary sign: Cancer

Compatibility Leo - Capricorn

At work level this combination is excellent. Both are very active workers and when relating their abilities they can accomplish amazing things. As a couple it's a bit trickier, Leo is social, Capricorn introverted. Leos are very passionate and Capricorns are somewhat serious. If there is much love between them they may form a stable couple, depending mostly on what other planets influence the charts of both.

Do you think Leo and Capricorn can make a good couple?

Survey's graphic: Do you think Leo and Capricorn can make a good couple?

Yes, it they're similar and complement each other well.


Maybe, if there's enough love.


No, they're too different to make a couple.


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