Leo with Aquarius

The love compatibility between zodiac signs Leo and Aquarius can end up well, in several instances, but not always is it possible. It always depends on how they confront the relationship and also the combination of sexes. The Aquarius woman can result in better shape with a Leo man, than vice versa.

If you are an Aquarius or Leo and want to know the amount and how the compatibility between two people of these signs is, this article will give you information on the main characteristics of each sign and the relationship between them.


You can recognize the following features if you're a Leo or even if you own many planets in this sign in your natal chart. The natives under the Leo sign or those with lots of energy of this sign are characterized by being very charismatic. They are people with original and personal charm, who need the approval of others to feel safe. They are very lively and people who often confront coordinator, leader, or chief positions naturally. In some cases, the need to be the center of attention can work against them, according to the perception of others. They are very faithful and loyal, committed to the causes they care about. They are creative and often engaged in art (music, painting, etc). Their ruling star is the Sun and its element fire.

Other characteristics of Leo

  • SEASON: Summer
  • COLOR: Orange and gold
  • METAL: Gold
  • STONES: Ruby and Diamond
  • FLOWERS: Sunflower, Mimosa
  • Opposite and complementary sign: Aquarius


If you are Aquarius in your solar, lunar or rising sign, surely you will recognize many of the characteristics described below. People under this sign usually stand for being very creative and original. They're innovative individuals that focus on the future in order to create. They love freedom, and need it when in a relationship. The community is essential for a person of Aquarius; they love to help others selflessly. Society and friendships are very important to them. They are people committed to the collective social causes. Uranus is the planet that rules the sign and its element is air.

Other characteristics of Aquarius

  • COLOR: Blue, green, blue, maroon and gray
  • SEASON: Winter
  • STONES: Aquamarine, Sapphire and Black Pearl
  • Opposite and complementary sign: Leo
  • METAL: Uranium and Lead

There is attraction in this relationship. Both are very social people who like creativity and innovation. It is definitely a very good combination. At work too, they are impulsive and have lots of energy. A very good combination of the zodiac.

Do you think Leo and Aquarius make a good couple?

Survey's graphic: Do you think Leo and Aquarius make a good couple?

Yes. They're both fun and complement each other well


Maybe. With effort and love


No. They're nothing alike, there's no attraction


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