Leo with libra

The love compatibility between the zodiac signs Leo and Libra can get to be very beneficial in certain circumstances. However, there are probably several roadblocks that may hinder the relationship. But if both are committed to what they want, they shouldn't have any drawbacks.

If you are a Leo or Libra and want to know the amount and details of the compatibility between two people of those signs, this article will give you information on the main characteristics of each sign and compatibility between them.

Characteristics of Leo

If you are a Leo or possess high energy of this sign in your natal chart, the following are the main features of your sign. Leos are motivators, creators and creative. Full of vitality, their fire can directly affect the people around them, since they have a lot of confidence in themselves. In many cases, this excess energy can lead them to be swayed by impulse and intuition. They are very sociable people yet it is normal for them to think, and have the capacity to do work completely alone.

Other characteristics of Leo

  • PLANET: Sun
  • SEASON: Summer
  • COLOR: Orange and gold
  • METAL: Gold
  • STONES: Ruby and Diamond
  • Opposite and complementary sign: Aquarius

Characteristics of Libra

If you're a Libra or possess high energy of this sign in your natal chart, pay attention, because these are the main features of your sign. People of Libra adore relationships. They seek to relate to others, people awaken a great interest to them and they enjoy the company .

They like balance and find it easily. Before any action they deeply meditate the positive and negative aspects, in many cases, excessive reflection can paralyze them before getting to the action.
Libra is ruled by the influence of the planet Venus. This planet is related to the female part of people and with the functions of enjoyment, balance, and listening. Signs ruled by the power of Venus, are peaceful people who detest conflict and are always looking for solutions to problems.

Other characteristics of Libra

  • ELEMENT: Air
  • QUALITY: Cardinal
  • COLOR: Blue, Light Green, Pink
  • STONES: Sapphire, Diamond and Jade

There is some compatibility and attraction between these signs. Both are signs that worship social relationships. While Leo likes to be the center of attention, Libra enjoys the simple company. If both can accept each other as they are, they should be able to form a stable relationship.

Do you think Leo and Libra would make a good couple?

Survey's graphic: Do you think Leo and Libra would make a good couple?

Yes, they both resemble each other and complement the other well


Maybe, if there's a lot of love, anything is possible.


No, they're too different to form a couple.


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