Leo with Pisces

The compatibility between Leo and Pisces can be seen more as a friendship than constant love. While they attract each other and have some seduction between the two, there are issues that will end up defeating them. Nevertheless, in love anything is possible and they may end up together anyway.

If you are of Leo or Pisces and want to know the amount and how the compatibility between these two is, this article will give you information on the main characteristics of each sign and the relationship between them.

If you are a Leo or possess many planets in this sign (therefore much energy from Leo) in your natal chart, the following are key features of your sign. Leos are very vital and usually go after coordinator positions, leaders or as bosses in a natural way. In some cases, the need to be the center of attention can be a setback, according to the perception of others. They are very faithful and loyal, as well as committed to the causes they care about. They are creative and often dedicate themselves to art (music, painting, etc). Their ruling planet is the Sun and element fire.

Other features of Leo

  • SEASON: Summer
  • COLOR: Orange and gold
  • METAL: Gold
  • STONES: Ruby and Diamond
  • FLOWERS: Sunflower, Mimosa
  • Opposite and complementary sign: Aquarius


If your Sun sign is Pisces (or your moon sign or ascendant are in it), then you probably see yourself as a sensitive person. Pisces people have extreme sensitivity. Many are engaged in art, in any of its branches, due to their ability of expressing their feelings in different ways. They are very perceptive and possess the ability to empathize with others. Pisces loves selflessly, and this can cost you dearly until you learn to distinguish between love and deception. They are dreamers and have an amazing imagination. The planet that rules this sign is Neptune and its element water.

Other features of Pisces

  • SEASON: Winter
  • COLOR: Green, blue and violet
  • METAL: Tin
  • STONES: Moonstone, Sapphire and Aquamarine
  • FLOWERS: Iris, Camellia and Lila
  • Opposite and complementary sign: Virgo

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