Libra with Sagittarius

The zodiac signs of Libra and Sagittarius have many things going for them, in the love compatibility. Although a relationship between a Sagittarius woman and a Libra man is more possible than vice verse, everything is possible and it may be that time will join them.

Do you want to know how compatible two people of Sagittarius and Libra are? This article will provide the answers. Here I will do an overview of the main characteristics of each sign and the relationship between them.

Characteristics of Sagittarius

These characteristics apply if you have the Sun in Sagittarius or possess many planets in this sign. Sagittarius is related to the expansion of intellect and consciousness. They are keen to increase their culture, are interested in many subjects and dig deep into each of them. They are optimistic and of cheerful nature. They need to know the truth about everything.


Other characteristics of Sagittarius

  • SEASON: Fall
  • COLOR: Purple, blue, green and white
  • METAL: Tin
  • STONES: Topaz, Lazurite and carbuncio
  • FLOWERS: carnation, daisy, iris
  • Opposite and complementary sign: Gemini

Characteristics of Libra

People of Libra adore relationships. They seek to relate with others and enjoy the company. They also like the balance and are able to find it easily. Before any action, people of Libra meditate profoundly the positive and negative aspects, which in many cases, ends up being an excessive reflection and they can become paralyzed without action.

Libra is ruled by the influence of the planet Venus . This planet is related to the female part of people and with the functions of enjoyment, balance, and listening. Signs that fall under the power of Venus, are peaceful people who detest conflict and are always looking for solutions to problems.

Other characteristics of Libra

  • ELEMENT: Air
  • QUALITY: Cardinal
  • COLOR: Blue, Light Green, Pink
  • STONES: Sapphire, Diamond and Jade

Compatibility between Libra - Sagittarius

Great compatibility between these signs. They attract each other and are similar. Libra brings wisdom to the projects undertaken by Sagittarius. A good combination that can remain stable over time. Both are attracted to the same interests, knowledge, research and communication.

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