How are the phases of the moon today and what they're good for

What influence does the moon have on us? For what things, in daily life, can knowing the phases of the moon help us? In this article you'll discover its importance on your life.

Have you ever thought about how many things can be influenced by the moon phases? The phases of the moon influence on various issues of everyday life. At least common knowledge has considered it so for thousands of years.

The influence of the phases of the moon has traditionally been associated with mood changes. It is believed that just like it influences the tides, it also does so on body fluids and secretion of hormones. In some countries it is said that someone is moonstruck when they're moody, and lunatic when they suffer from insanity, not continuous, but at intervals, which for some has correspondence with the moon phases

What are the moon phases good for?

  • If you’re thinking of cutting your hair and want it to grow quickly, it’s recommended to do so during the first quarter moon.
  • In contrast, if you want the cut to last, you better cut it when the moon is in the last quarter.
  • While if you shave in new moon , some believe that hair takes longer to grow.
  • To dye your hair it is said that you should do so in the full moon phase.

Other things that the phases of the moon can help with

  • To lose weight and start dieting it's better when the moon is last quarter.
  • To gain weight wait for the first quarter moon phase.
  • To quit smoking it is recommended to do so during new moon.

Other influences attributed to the phases of the moon

  • Some say that the moon influences both the time of conception and birth. This meaning is associated with major arcane of the moon in tarot.
  • Similarly, although it is not proven that the full moon is the one that affects "lunatic" people, often this influence is attributed.

Lastly, for astrology the moon is the perception, mother of all senses.

In any case, on more than one occasion you may need to know which is the phase of the moon today and if you're favored or not, in your daily activities.

The biodynamic calendar

Since ancient times the moon and its phases are accurate indicators of the times of planting and harvesting in agriculture. The biodynamic calendar is based on astronomical study of the motion of the moon relative to the Earth and its sidereal cycles.

To determine this calendar 5 cycles are worked.

  • Moon Phases: (full, first quarter, new and crescent)
  • Ascending and Descending (movement of the moon relative to the Earth's tilt)
  • Apogee and Perigee: Apogee: Moon away from Earth. Perigee Moon around the Earth
  • Lunar Nodes: determines the passage of the Moon by the ecliptic and celestial Equator.
  • Siderica moon.: 27.4 day cycle in which the moon (as seen from Earth), passes through the twelve regions of "fixed stars" called Zodiac.

Have you ever used the moon as a reference in something?

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