Scorpio with Capricorn

Can Scorpio and Capricorn make a good couple? How do they relate with each other in a work environment? This article will answer all your questions and teach you what you need to know about astrology, relationships, and compatibility between signs.

Astrology can not decipher specific and precise matters. It will not work if what you want to know, is if you are going to marry the person that attracts you. But it can teach you a lot about the personality and preferences of the person that you like.

It is likely that if you know in depth the preferences, personality and the way your loved one sees the world, you can form a strong, healthy and stable relationship over time.

Also astrology can help you build a good team. Knowing the capabilities of each sign and in what areas of life they handle themselves better, is a fundamental tool to put together a good group, when making a collective project.

In this article, I will discuss the Scorpio - Capricorn relationship, their commonalities, differences, and how likely they are to be friends, family or colleagues.

Compatibility between Scorpio and Capricorn

To understand a relationship between these two signs it's essential to know the specific characteristics of each. Starting with Capricorn, we can say that it is the sign of "structure". For Capricorns everything must have a methodology and structure. Nothing can be left to chance and they'll walk by known and safe places. Capricorn natives are not very adept at showing their feelings or emotions to strangers. That's why they can seem very serious on the outside. They only show their true feelings when they feel they are in complete confidence.

Like all signs, Capricorn have positive and negative qualities. On the positive side, Capricorns are very responsible people , so they'll comply with any task entrusted to them effectively. On the negative side, this condition of extreme responsibility can lead to them demanding themselves more than they can give, entering into a state of depression or anxiety.

Meanwhile, Scorpio is the sign of transformation. Scorpios have the ability to turn a bad situation into something positive. They are very intelligent and rational people, who hide a sensitive side inside. They may seem very serious on the outside but this attitude is only a shell created to avoid from being injured.

As positive characteristics, Scorpio has enough energy and initiative to regenerate and re-start after a crisis. On the negative side, Scorpio can be very manipulative and show a perspective that always favors them.

As for the relationship between the two signs, there is a good chance of them forming a couple on the emotional level as well as laborwise. Scorpio admires the momentum of Capricorn and feels drawn by them, often avoiding own imbalances. Capricorn meanwhile, finds Scorpio, a space to express their deepest feelings and emotions.

Planets and elements

  • The element that rules Scorpio is Water. Water signs are distinguished by being purely emotional and sentimental. They can be very extremist psychologically.
  • The planet Pluto rules Scorpio. This planet is the one that marks the direction in which the person should invest their energy.

  • The element that rules Capricorn is Earth. Earth signs are purely rational and realistic.
  • The planet that governs Capricorn is Saturn

Do you believe Scorpio and Capricorn can make a good couple?

Survey's graphic: Do you believe Scorpio and Capricorn can make a good couple?

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Maybe, if they love each other enough.


No, they're too opposite to make a good couple.


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