Scorpio with Sagittarius

Scorpio and Sagittarius. How do they get along? Do they attract? Do they repulse each other? Discover in this article, the qualities of each and the principles of this relationship.

Astrology is typically used as a tool to find answers to all types of questions. From existential questions, to specific questions such as lottery numbers.

Astrology can aswer all types of questions that relate to your way of being, thinking and acting in the world. It can not answer if you'll be lucky in love, but it can tell how you how you express yourself, in love, and how the person you're attracted to does. Everything depends on the interpretation of your Natal Chart.

Compatibility Scorpio - Sagittarius

This relationship may require a lot of patience and work to be fruitful. Sagittarius is optimistic by nature and does not allow defeat by adversity. They always provide vitality and joy to life. On the other hand, Scorpio can be very extreme. They have so much sensitivity that they can change their mood of any moment, changing your perspective radically.

Scorpios are very intelligent, a quality that attracts many Sagittarius. Sagittarius will know how to contain the intense emotions of Scorpio, but both should make efforts to avoid emotionally overloading each other.

Opposing elements play in this relationship. Scorpio is Water and Sagittarius is Fire. Water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) are guided by emotions and all your endeavors will be conditioned by their emotional state. Signs of Fire (Sagittarius, Aries and Leo) are practical people who generate proposals and initiatives steadily. They do not get left in theory and in fantasy.

Ruling planets

  • The ruling planet of Scorpio is Pluto. This is the planet of transformation. Their energy drives discern between useful things, discarding uselessness in order to evolve.
  • The planet that rules Sagittarius is Jupiter. This planet is that which provides the energy that is needed to innovate, investigate, uncover the hidden and see what's new.

In conclusion, in terms of probabilities, it is difficult for both signs to form a lasting relationship in time. Still, remember that not everything depends on the sun sign but of all the planets that influence the natal chart. If there is much love involved, this relationship can bear fruit by work, love and patience.

The archetypes are different but they have some common points that can be the perfect excuse to form a couple.

Other characteristics of Scorpio

  • ELEMENT: Water
  • COLOR: Green, Black and Red
  • METAL: Iron and Platinum
  • STONES: Ruby, Topaz, Opal
  • NUMBER: 3and 9

Other characteristics of Sagittarius

  • SEASON: Fall
  • COLOR: Purple, blue, green and white
  • METAL: Tin
  • STONES: Topaz, Lazurite and carbuncio
  • FLOWERS: carnation, daisy, iris
  • Opposite and complementary sign: Gemini

Do you think Scorpio and Sagittarius make a good couple?

Survey's graphic: Do you think Scorpio and Sagittarius make a good couple?

Yes, they say opposites attract.


Maybe. They need a lot of patience to get along.


No, they're too different to form a couple.


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