Cancer with Libra

Love compatibility between a man and a women of Cancer and Libra

The love compatibility between the signs of Cancer and Libra can become more than likely. Both signs are extremely complementary and can live through moments of great interest in the relationship. Provided they do not neglect some key issues of the relationship.

If you are Cancer or Libra, and are intrigued on the amount and how the compatibility between two people of these signs is, this article will give you information on the main characteristics of each sign and their relationship.

Characteristics of Cancer

If your sun sign is Cancer or you possess a lot of energy in that sign in your birth chart, the main features that govern your sign are emotion, imagination and the protective instinct. The natives of Cancer are characterized by having a natural maternal character. They are overprotective and love being with their family. Their projects depend largely on the emotional stability they predispose. The ruling planet is the Moon and its element is Water

Other features of Cancer

  • Season: Summer
  • COLOR: Black, white, bright gray
  • METAL: Silver
  • STONES: opal, emerald, jade and pearl
  • FLOWERS: Jasmine, Lily and Gardenia
  • Opposite and complementary sign: Capricorn

Characteristics of Libra

If you're a Libra or have a lot of energy of this sign in your birth chart, interpersonal relationships are an essential part of your life. The Librans seek to relate with others, people are of great interest to them and they enjoy the company. They like the balance and find it easily. Before any action they meditate profoundly the positive and negative aspects, in many cases, excessive thinking can cause them to paralyze without action.

Libra is ruled by the influence of the planet Venus. This planet is related to the female part of the people and the functions of pleasure, balance, enjoyment, listening. Signs that fall under the power of Venus, are peaceful people, they hate conflicts and are always looking for solutions to problems.

Other features of Libra

  • ELEMENT: Air
  • QUALITY: Cardinal
  • COLOR: Blue, Light Green, Pink
  • STONES: Sapphire, Diamond and Jade

Compatibility Cancer - Libra

This combination is not the most successful of the Zodiac. It is an unlikely to be compatible relationship. Libra wants and needs an active social life, cancer is more homely and family and can be hurt. There must be a lot of love and patience for this relationship to achieve stability and endure over time. We must also see that other planets are involved in the charts of both to know specifically whether there is compatibility or not.

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