Infusions and Herbal Tea

Herbal tea and infusions consists of using different herbs and spices for beverages. Learn more about recipes, properties, contraindications, etc here.

Mint tea


Mint is one of the most traditional herbs used to make herbal teas and infusions. Its characteristic flavor, leaning on its persistent and very fresh aroma, make it ideal to be consumed as tea. It's also of great help for body issues, because it has good properties, like any herb. Read more......

Linden tea


Another classic of teas is linden. Who hasn't had a cup of this tea on one of those nights where you can't get a peaceful night’s sleep? Well, its qualities don't end with fighting insomnia. It's also a savory tea and ideal for medicinal purposes, since it has many great properties. Read more......

Valerian tea

Planta de valeriana

Valerian is, like linden, an herb that acts very well on the central nervous system, achieving a state of relaxation which is ideal for sleep. Still, it is very good in the form of herbal tea itself. So do not hesitate to try a good valerian tea. Read more......

Chamomile tea


One of the most popular teas, first used in Latin America, is the chamomile tea. With it you can make a magnificent brew, which apart from being very tasty and having a peculiar flavor, has many good properties for your body. Don't doubt for a second in preparing something with this herb. Read more......