4 easy crafts to do with paper

4 simple paper crafts

Paper crafts are quite simple and can be implemented at any time. These three options are available to everyone on their level of difficulty. You just have to see which you like best and put it into practice.

If you think of paper crafts, surely you remember doing one or at least remember that someone taught you how to do it. They are the first to be taught in school, because they are easy to perform and there's usually too many options.

In this case, these three basic and easy paper crafts can be made with your family without any hassle, so that everyone has a good time. Put your children or the whole family to work, since it's always good to share a recreational time together.

Paper Frog

For this craft you just need construction paper or cardboard (green, red, black and white), glue, scissors, fibers or tempera colors and, of course, scissors.

Is a plane figure that is made merely with overlapping circles: a green circle for the face, two white circles protruding from the green circle (which in turn each has a black circle in the middle to simulate pupils). The mouth is drawn with a marker, pencil or black tempera, and it must leave a red ribbon to represent the tongue.

This is an ideal craft for decorating birthday parties or to do fun children's invitations . Here you can see the step by step to make this paper frog quick and easily.

Photo frames from recycled paper

This is another easy craft to make, which can also be done alone or with the children. You can use paper you recycled yourself, or recycled paper you bought or simply reuse a piece of cardboard. You only need paper, scissors, glue (vinylic and UHU), a stick of brochette or similar, a ruler and magazine papers.

The basic steps are very simple: cut two rectangles of the same size of which you want the portrait, and on one of them draw a smaller rectangle and cut it to form the frame. Measure along with the ruler that all sides of the frame are equal. The following steps to complete this craft cardboard craft are also very easy.

This frame is characterized by the border being decorated with thin tubes or magazine paper rolls, which give a touch of relief that's very attractive. You can leave them "natural" or paint them with acrylic to make them even more colorful.

It never hurts to have a portrait in the house. That is why you just have to see the full proposal , where you’ll find a simple way to do it step by step.

Paper flowers

Flowers are probably one of the most traditional paper crafts. Making flowers is never prescribed, because there are always perfect as decoration. There are models for all tastes, from simple and childish to complex and sophisticated, through entertaining models and ones with different dimensions.

In this case it's a flower made with basic origami technique, that although it seems difficult, it's very simple to do. You just need a paper that is flexible: it can be anything you want (metallic, patterned, plain, embossed, etc.), as long as it's not too soft nor too thick. You also need scissors and glue.

Each flower is made with a foil-like paper, divided into four equal rectangles. Each turn is folded in a particular way and then joined to form the flower. The folding is not complex, but you better see the complete step by step so that you find it easier.

In this video you can see an even simpler version, made with tissue paper.

Paper boat

Who hasn't played with a paper boat as a child? Who hasn't made boats with paper towels while waiting for a coffee? If you never did, it's probably because you don't know how. This is perhaps one of the most simple and fun figures to make.

The best thing is that you only need a piece of paper and hands, no need for scissors or glue. Just fold it following the basic step by step to make a paper boat.

In this video you can see how to do it with pictures.

Which of these paper crafts do you find easier?

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