Medicinal plants

Medicinal plants as well as healing herbs that can be used for beauty treatments, and health. Many are found to be digestive, antioxidant, energizing, and more.

Properties of the avocado leaf

Hojas de palta

Surely you know of the excellent nutritional properties of avocado. However, the benefits of this plant to your body, are not limited to the fruit. Avocado leaves, both as a tea and home remedy, are applied as natural treatment for many ailments. Learn more here! Read more......

What is ginseng good for


Ginseng root gives a lot to talk about due to its great energizing properties. Not only is it good for this, but also has other benefits. Although it should be noted that excessive consumption of ginseng is not free of contraindications. Learn what ginseng is good for and the side effects. Read more......

Natural anti-inflammatory herbs

Cola de caballo

Natural inflammation reducers are the best home remedies for inflammation which you can use, without exposing yourself to harmful side effects of pharmacological anti-inflammatory products. Certain medicinal herbs and plants let you reverse the inflammatory processes, taking care of your health. Read more......