Herbs for stress

Plants against stress

Stress, those nerves accumulated by work, fatigue and problems of any kind, can be very bad for health. For this reason, some herbs can be a great ally and help you feel calmer. Here are a few herbs that can help with your stress problems.

Herbs for stress can provide great relief for those times where stress overwhelms you, when you feel nervous exhaustion and discomfort. For this reason, here's a list of herbs and medicinal plants which you can use in such situations.

Ginseng, since forever, is known as one of the most powerful antidepressants, stimulants and general stress fighters. In fact, it is used for this purpose, since ancient oriental culture. The truth is that it's ideal to consume in already prepared tablets or pills.

There are many herbs that can help you relax using them in teas, such as lemon balm, linden, chamomile, mistletoe, hops, passion flower, echinacea, basil and valerian. All have relaxing effects, which will help to calm your nerves, besides being a great help to give you some time to yourself away from the duties and problems that can cause you stress.

For its part, the linden is very good for sleeping at night and also helps clear the mind. While passionflower is good for reducing anxiety and insomnia, properties can also be found in the white willow and marjoram .

You can use them alone or try different teas combining herbs that you like . You can also test combinations to find what works best for you according to your mood or why you're stressed. Another interesting option is to take each one at different times of the day or take turns with each to avoid boredom.

In any case the best way to prepare any infusion is to pour three to four tablespoons of the herbs of your choice in a liter of water. Let boil for 15 minutes, turn off heat and let stand about 5 minutes, then strain.

Take a moment to drink your herbal stress free infusion. Choose a time of day when you can sit, listen to music or be silent and free the mind of worries , accompanied by a delicious warm infusion.

Lavender is a plant shown to reduce anxiety and help you relax, you can take salt baths with lavender before going to bed to get some wonderful rest. You can also use it as an infusion in the same way as other herbs.

Also within the stress relieving herbs is rosemary, one of the most important natural tonics when mental exhaustion overwhelms you. Making infusions with rosemary Can be one of the interesting ways to fight your stress. Also other herbs like mint or peppermint can do you wonders to calm down a bit.

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