Natural Remedies

In this section you will find countless homemade and natural remedies, which are the solutions provided by tradition, to many of the illnesses that afflict us these days.

Herbs for stress

Menta peperina o piperita

Stress, those nerves accumulated by work, fatigue and problems of any kind, can be very bad for health. For this reason, some herbs can be a great ally and help you feel calmer. Here are a few herbs that can help with your stress problems. Read more......

Natural remedies for lice


Anyone can get pediculosis or lice. These parasites attach to the scalp and have no respect for race, religion or economic status, therefore no one is exempt from getting them. What you can do however, is use some of these natural remedies to fight lice. Read more......

Home remedies for the flu


The flu must be one of the most common ailments that exist and something we've all been through, inevitably. During winter season, so much worse, as the climate predisposes its contagion. But there are some good natural remedies to fight it. Read more......