Osteopathy is a type of medicine that consists in strengthening joints, muscles, and spine. Discover how it works and osteopaths near you.

Relief for back pain

Alivio para el dolor de la espalda

Back pain is one of the most common sufferings of today. The origin isn't always the spine, but can be digestive organs, lungs, and pelvis. It's a result of a mobility impairment in a structure of the area in pain. Osteopathy is a manual medicine that seeks the real cause to alleviate and prevent it Read more......

Pain in right arm and liver diseases

On occasion, pain in certain areas of the body, is due to disorders in other parts of the body. Osteopathy concieves the body as a whole, where all functions are related, so one disorder affects the functions of the rest. Virginia Suarez Pereda, explains the causes of pain in the right arm. Read more......