Relief for back pain

Back pain is one of the most common sufferings of today. The origin isn't always the spine, but can be digestive organs, lungs, and pelvis. It's a result of a mobility impairment in a structure of the area in pain. Osteopathy is a manual medicine that seeks the real cause to alleviate and prevent it

Osteopathy: back pain relief

Back pain It is one of the most common complaints which we currently endure as a consequence of modern life. It is a pain that can become disabling, interfering in everything we do, in our relationships in society and diminishing quality of life.

Here, I will briefly tell you how osteopathy acts effectively in its relief.


Besides the pain which is usually disabling, and that prevents us from making certain movements like bending down to pick something up, reaching for some object at height, perform daily chores, it also makes us feel angry and irritated, even in some people it's accompanied by depression, uncertainty caused by the solution.

The pain may be continuous, increase when standing or appear when an effort is made. It may feel like burning or a pinch at the site and / or tingling that radiates down the legs or arms (in the case of a contraction in the neck).

It may be located only in the back or radiate into one or both legs, accompanied by the loss of strength in these or the feet. It may also prevent you from getting on your tiptoes.

Common causes of back pain

They generally respond to:

  • Poor posture at the computer, PC, desktop
  • Poor posture while driving
  • Lifting weights or bad moves
  • Bad sporting habits, demanding sports, lack of stretching or elongation
  • Stress, anxiety, tension
  • Poor sleeping posture or improper mattress
  • Bad posture while performing household cleaning, etc.

Keeping in mind that these factors are the triggers. Previously there was an imbalance in the body. Therefore it is not enough to correct the bad daily habits.

Why does back pain occur?

Back pain is a result of a mobility impairment in any structure on the area of the pain or remotely. Whenever pain appears it's a sign of the body, unable to continue compensating certain structures that are not in their right place, that manifest causing pain. This pain is caused by excessive stress that causes the muscles to keep the area immobilized.

The origin is not always (actually in most cases) spinal, but may be from small changes in the organs of digestion, breathing, pelvis. If these structures are irritated they cause the fixing of a vertebra by reflex, which can be found on the site of pain or at distance.

For example, irritation of the stomach can cause irritation of a dorsal vertebra that doesn't produce pain in the same place but that causes a fixation of a lumbar vertebra and gives lumbago or back pain.

The most curious of all is that we do not realize the irritation of the stomach, or the only symptom that we have is a slow digestion.

How does osteopathy solve back pain?

Osteopathy is a manual medicine that seeks the real cause of pain to alleviate and prevent it from appearing again. It also prevents other pains from appearing remotely.

Through different tests on the whole body it searches which is the origin of pain. This is done through gentle movements where the patient is sitting or lying on the couch without making any effort. After finding the areas that are interfering with the normal functioning of the body, it's corrected using gentle maneuvers that should not cause pain.

After the session, some tips are indicated to the patient to improve the personal posture of each person according to the activities performed. They are then given a next appointment two to three weeks later, according to the state of the patient.

The osteopathic treatment aims to restore the balance of all body systems (muscular and spine system, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, Craniosacral, circulatory) to thereby function optimally. If this occurs, then there is no place to bring up the pain and illness. We must always remember that pain is the possibility that the body has to express a problem that is happening to you. It's the announcement it gives us. Let's hear it.

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