Templates to print wedding invitations

If you need to print templates for wedding invitations in your home, you can't miss this article. José Antonio and Dolores Eugenia from JADE Details share an online resource to download and print the designs of wedding invitation cards that you like.

If you want to save money or make sure your cards completely adapt to your liking, take a look at this proposal.

Print your own wedding invitations

Today we are going to recommend the Southwort page where you can find templates for printing your own wedding invitations .

The files are in Word, which is a program that everyone has and that is very easy to use to change the data of the couple.
Upon entering the page you can easily find the links to download the files.

At the bottom of the article you can see to which wedding invitations ideas you can apply these templates.
Thus, creating your own wedding invitations will be very easy.

You can use these designs to make your wedding invitations with other ideas, materials and motifs that might interest you.

  • Wedding invitation on bark paper . You just need a little organza, bark cardboard and fabric paint. It is very easy to do and does not require that you print a pattern.
  • Square wedding invitation . You can do it with the construction paper color you like, decorated vellum paper, recycled cardboard and adhesive couche. While it is a new and modern design, it is very sober.
  • Wedding invitation for the beach. This is a rustic and romantic design, for which you need cardboard bark, raffia and especially plastic beads in the shape of fish and seashells. You can use small natural shells in the event that you can get them in quantity.
  • Wedding invitation with hearts. This design in triptych format is very easy to do: you need a card, organza ribbon and gift wrapping paper with drawings of hearts. You will not have to cut and paste a lot, so it's ideal for you if you're not very good with crafts.
  • Wedding Invitation with Calla Lilies . This design takes a little more work than the others, but it is too complex. To make these invitations you need bark cardboard, white opaline and gold, along with gold ribbon. Cellophane envelopes are ideal, but if you have or prefer other, you can replace them.
  • Easy wedding invitation. This is the most easy-to-make, since you only need cardboard and battens. It is simple, classic and affordable.
  • Invitation with starfish . While it is not difficult to perform, this invitation has a few more steps for its realization than before. To make it, you have to get coffee and pearl white opaline cardboard in a light color. You also need mineral diamond, preferably in gel. The starfish is printed with a pattern.
  • Vellum invitation. This is another romantic and innovative design, ideal for use in a vintage wedding. To do it you need opaline or recycled paper, dried flowers, jute ribbon (if width is better), foliage and a golden ribbon. For the glue it's recommended you use silicone.

You can also learn how to make a template for your invitations in minutes following this step by step video:

Why do you prefer to make your own invites?

Survey's graphic: Why do you prefer to make your own invites?

Because they're more personal


Because I like doing crafts


Because I haven't found any I like


Because it saves a lot of money


How have you done it? Share your experience!

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