Caffeine and theine, are they the same?

Usually when caffeine and theine are spoken about, it is thought that two different substances are being referred to. Discover the truth about them here.

A recurring question among consumers of tea, is whether or not caffeine and theine are the same. The answer, despite the misinformation out there, is clear: they're the same molecule.

In fact caffeine was isolated in 1819, but at that time it was thought that tea contained a similar but different substance: theine.

But further analysis revealed that they were the same substance. Perhaps it is difficult to understand, being that more than a century later, the confusion persists among most people.

Caffeine is an alkaloid that is found naturally in various foods such as coffee, tea, cocoa, guarana and yerba mate.

Polyphenols present in large numbers in tea, slow the rate of absorption of caffeine. Therefore, the effect is slower but more durable in tea than in coffee.

Some medicinal properties have been scientifically attributed to it:

  • Stimulates physical and mental activity
  • Increases mental concentration
  • Develops mental acuity
  • Help you lose weight

Te amarillo
To consume 200 milligrams of caffeine it’s necessary to ingest:

  • 0.7 kg milk chocolate
  • 0.5 liters of coffee drip machines made by (through filter paper)
  • 0.15 liters of espresso, if coffee is robust (normal for bad coffee)
  • 1.18 liters of black tea
  • 1.77 liters of soda (variable amount depending on the drink)
  • 2.36 liters green tea
  • 11.82 liters of decaffeinated coffee

Of course theine has its side effects or contraindications.

The concentration of caffeine varies greatly depending on the type of coffee or tea and how it is prepared. Within coffee, the robust variation of coffee has significantly higher caffeine concentration than the Arabica coffee.

In fact, caffeine has a bitter taste and is one of the causes of taste difference so noticeable between these 2 types of coffee.

Among the teas the concentration varies widely and it is not easy to determine what type contains less than another, since intuition often fails.

In any case, there are no tea colors that have a higher concentration than those of another color. It depends on the particular type of tea.

Teas come from the Camellia sinensis, and those which contain little caffeine are Bancha green tea and Kukicha green tea.

Do you want to know a foolproof trick to reduce theine from your tea?

One trick to drink tea without suffering the adverse consequences of theine is as follows: as caffeine dissolves quickly in hot water when being infused, leave the tea in hot water 30 seconds.

Then throw out that water and put new hot water. This way, you can greatly reduce the dose of caffeine consumed.

How do you prefer to drink tea?

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