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Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning compassion. It refers to actions aimed at alleviating the suffering of others. Karuna Reiki is very spiritual, ...

Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning compassion. It refers to actions aimed at alleviating the suffering of others. It is a very spiritual Reiki, seeking healing through feelings such as love, harmony, peace and forgiveness.

The goal of Karuna is open to compassion for all beings, as a healing and spiritual process.

It is an energy that acts faster and more effectively, since it has different symbols that focus and especially act.

Reiki helps you to be in harmony and balance your surroundings by eliminating stress, anxiety, fear, anger. In reality, it lets you connect with the universe and understand that you are one more piece of the puzzle that is the world.

Why is it able to heal?

Everyone has their own qualities to be able to heal. We have a self-healing system that allows us to recover from physical imbalance, which we call disease, emotional blocks we call the repressed feelings and mental disorders that we call mental illness.

Indeed each and every one of them are capable of being removed and healed by ourselves. Man in his evolution has forgotten himself, has stopped listening to his body, to hear the cries for help of his heart and moves forward aimlessly silencing his own body and mind with drugs or addictions such as tv, radio, drugs, food; something that allows you for a period of time to not to be yourself and to not listen to the mental noise that plagues you.

Reiki is a tool that helps us to find ourselves again. It is based on the laying of hands through which we are able to channel between the energy of the universe and the patient.

It is not a belief system, a religion or a sectarian system. It is simply the ability to channel universal energy, divine energy or pure love, all the same. It allows you to connect with the universe and restore your conscience to be able to understand the reason you're living certain situations. No matter if it is a physical, mental and / or emotional illness, they're all here for a reason, with a message for you that if you listen and act accordingly will leave. Just like when a messenger gives the message to the recipient at the destination, and leaves to another place.

Reiki allows you to see the world from another perspective, it lets you regain your personal power and use it accordingly for a happier and conscious life.

Karuna Reiki channeled by Guillermo Rand is a system that is structured in two levels, praticant (6 symbols) and masters (15 symbols), works with a total of 21 symbols.

There is talk that opens us up to a higher vibration, and to understand the power of compassion means that we have partly understood ourselves and we can use our self-healing systems. So many teachers do not want to start new partners to Reiki unless you are a Usui Reiki Level 3 or Master, as they believe that the lifting of the vibration on such a powerful level can generate drastic changes in your life that can make you freak out.

In the trainee system, the astral layer is worked, which allows us to work with multidimensional, with beings such as archangels and ones of the new era that have come to help us with our process of ascendance.

In the master of Karuna, the energy layers ranging from the 6th to the 10th are worked. It allows us to see the world from its spiritual side and helps establish links with the universe allowing our destiny to be clarified.

Reiki systems operate at different frequencies, each of them gives us insight to understand parts of ourselves and what happens to us in life.

When you understand this you can see the world through different eyes and you can connect with your real self.

3 people know that we exist:

- the one shown to others
- what we believe to be(personality)
- What we really are (that neither we ourselves know entirely)

In all energetic therapy we seek recognition of oneself, to expose those dark parts of us that do not let us move forward and evolve toward our destination, to get our best qualities and skills.

One reason is the programming of negative beliefs we have; It is so strong and so ingrained in our subconscious that we require a constant and careful process to start the change. What happens is that our day to day, "our daily lives " is easily filled with mental processes that make us lose the attention of the process we want to do, the place where we're headed.

Reiki gives us tools to focus our day to day, to find a useful state of consciousness, to better understand what happens to us and know how to handle situations. It is an attitude towards life, a way of focusing an understanding that you are part of the world and that everything is perfect as it happens.

With Reiki you can work remotely, you can do self-healing, you can work at other vibrations and even with other beings. Who puts the barriers? Only your mind, everything you can imagine is possible.

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