Tea: properties and health

The properties of different types of tea, recipes and how to prepare them, as well as the way they can benefit your health.

Mint tea


Mint is one of the most traditional herbs used to make herbal teas and infusions. Its characteristic flavor, leaning on its persistent and very fresh aroma, make it ideal to be consumed as tea. It's also of great help for body issues, because it has good properties, like any herb. Read more......

Green tea to lose weight

Té verde para adelgazar

Green tea, in addition to its excellent properties, has become very popular around the world because it is believed to have slimming capabilities. This is how it has been gaining followers, that want to lose pounds with a healthy drink. Read more......

Can two types of tea be mixed?

Mezclas de té

One of the common questions within tea consumers is whether two or more different types of teas can be mixed as one. Whether for flavor or combination of properties, many are interested in doing this. And the truth is that there is no objection to doing so. Read more......

Red tea and cholesterol

Té rojo

Many times people are really questionate about things they read on the properties of a particular drink. Such is the case of red tea. Many questions about it get confirmed, which often generates doubs. But with regards to cholesterol, medical studies have found its effectiveness is accurate. Read more......

Green Tea: benefits

Té verde: beneficios

Green tea is one of the beverages that provides the most benefits for humans. Among some of its properties -many of them cientifically proven- you'll find that it's an antioxidant, great for losing weight, and even good for teeth. Learn more about this great tea. Read more......