Which yoga exercise is good for lumbago

If you suffer from back pain, certain yoga poses can help you to relieve pain in the lower back. Learn how yoga exercise is good for lumbago and improves the condition of your lower back, killing annoying back pain.

Lumbago is a pain which can appear at any time in the lower back, interfering with your normal duties. For this reason, knowing some exercise for lower back pain never hurts, especially if your daily routine requires you to spend many hours in unhealthy positions for your back.

The positions for lower back pain can help you in more than one occasion. Even if you consider some tips from yoga, you can probably prevent and avoid future back pains.

In any case, these are some of the exercises to relieve lower back pain which you can use:

  • Lay on your back on the floor and concentrate on your breathing. Take long deep breaths.
  • Place your right hand on your abdomen and left chest.
  • Then raise your right hand and place it on the throat as you bring the left to the front.
  • Take the right hand towards the crown.
  • Stretch both arms above the head.
  • Bend your legs bringing your knees toward your chest as you hug your legs with both hands.
  • Raise your chin while exhaling.
  • Then lower your head and sway your body gently, on either side massaging your back against the floor.
  • Lower and stretch the left leg bent as you continue holding the right against your chest.
  • Take your right knee with your left hand and lower it to the left side.
  • Repeat the above movement on the other side.
  • Raise both knees toward your chest and exhale as you lower them together to the right side, up to 2 centimeters from the ground.
  • Take them back to the chest as you inhale and lower them to the left side, exhaling, up to 2 centimeters from the ground.
  • Lower your left foot and cross the right leg over the left. Without uncrossing them, lower them to the right side.
  • Switch legs and do the same on the other side.
  • Straighten your legs and separate them, relaxing the whole body Shavasana position.
  • Bring your hands to the abdomen and relax completely.

Have you done yoga exercises to relieve back pain? what yoga exercise have you found effective against lumbago?

IMPORTANT: "Which yoga exercise is good for lumbago" 's mission is to keep you informed, but dont ever substitute a medical consultation.

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