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Natural remedies for lice


Anyone can get pediculosis or lice. These parasites attach to the scalp and have no respect for race, religion or economic status, therefore no one is exempt from getting them. What you can do however, is use some of these natural remedies to fight lice. Read more......

Can two types of tea be mixed?

Mezclas de té

One of the common questions within tea consumers is whether two or more different types of teas can be mixed as one. Whether for flavor or combination of properties, many are interested in doing this. And the truth is that there is no objection to doing so. Read more......

The luxury massage

El masaje de lujo

A massage becomes luxury when there's many details with one intention: to improve mental wellbeing. But these details would mean nothing without a quality massage and feed-back between therapist and patient. When all these features come together; the massage becomes luxury. Read more......

Home trick for blackheads


Getting blackheads on your nose can be quite unattractive. Many times, they're due to your pores being wide open and dirty. To be able to remove them, you'll find a home trick in this article that also helps prevent their occurrence. Read more......

Younger and wrinkleless face in 10 days

Sin arrugas

The passage of time can be harsh for facial beauty. However, rejuvenation without surgery is possible, with a natural treatment that will require only a few minutes a day. Would you like to look younger? Want to know how to remove wrinkles? Well then, accept this 10day challenge, for a splendid face Read more......