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Songs for Mother's Day


As you must know, Mother's Day is celebrated in a few days by the spanish speaking world. You can start thinking on how to celebrate it with the other mothers close to you. Giving them a song with its lyrics will be a gesture they'll surely love. Read more......

Leo with Sagittarius

Leo con Sagitario

One of the unions between zodiac signs that works wonders, is Leo and Sagittarius. Both are signs of fire which puts them on the same page, in certain things. Obviously, in others they will be faced. But if they work well on positive issues, they may end up together! Read more......

Cancer with Scorpio

The love compatibility between Cancer and Scorpio can end in an excellent relationship for both parts. The attraction appears likely from the first moment, and therefore they can have a magnificent relationship as long as they know how to complete each other. Read more......